Long Term Disability: Mental Health Conditions

Some Long Term Disability (LTD) Plans contain a limitation with regard to certain disabilities.  For example, one Plan we see quite frequently includes the following provision:  “Disabilities, due to sickness or injury, which are primarily based on self-reported symptoms, and disabilities due to mental illness have a limited pay period up to 24 months.”  In other words, according to the Plan, a person who is disabled due to a mental illness is only able to collect 2 years worth of LTD benefits. Such a provision is troubling as it concerns mental health conditions, but perhaps more troubling is the “self reported symptoms” limitation.  Said limitation has the potential to apply to nearly every case.  The inequity of the provision should be readily apparent.  Moreover, most if not all people who have Long Term Disability insurance have no idea that this provision could be used to deny their claim.

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