Trial Work and Extended Period of Eligibility

I am often asked, “can I work and still receive disability?”  The answer is often yes; at least to a certain degree.  Working while disabled may sound like a contradiction, but there are many situations where it is possible work, or at least try to work, and still receive and/or become eligible for Social Security disability benefits.  For example, an individual may become disabled due to a serious on the job injury, file for disability, and after surgery, recover enough to be able to return to full-time work.  In that situation, the person may be entitled to a “closed period” of disability.  Another example is if that same individual became disabled, attempted to return to work, but was unable to do so, thereby qualifying as an “unsuccessful work attempt.”  Disability benefits may still be payable in that situation.  Another example is where an individual is found “disabled” under the Act, and thereafter decides to attempt to return to work.  Social Security actually encourages individuals to attempt to return to work, and has two very important programs in place to assist in that endeavor.  Information on the Trial Work Period and Extended Eligibility programs can be found at the following link:  click here


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