Concurrent Claims – Delay, Delay, Delay

One of the more frustrating aspects of handling disability claims is the delay that is encountered at every turn.  Many if not most claims can take 2 years or more from Application to ALJ decision.  In the meantime, disabled individuals are without money for such basic needs as food, shelter, and clothing.  Adding to the delay is the processing of the claim once it is approved by an ALJ at a hearing.  If the claims is an SSI claim, or an SSDI claim, the processing is relatively quick.  However, if it is a “concurrent claim,” it takes much longer.  In other words, if a claimant is entitled to both SSI and SSDI, SSA processes both claims separately and determines an “offset.”  I’ve never understood why SSA doesn’t simply calculate the total amount of past due benefits and simply pay the claimant.  Instead, SSA will often pay one claim, and then send a letter stating that they overpaid that claim because of the other claim reducing those benefits.  It’s a classic example of government making things more complicated that it needs to be.  At any rate, the delay caused by the current method of processing concurrent claims is shown by a recent report of the Inspector General found here.

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