$3.5 Million Dollar Verdict in Hamilton County

Last week I had the privilege of representing Marcus Black in a jury trial against his insurance company concerning an uninsured motorist claim. On Friday afternoon, September 7, 2012, in Hamilton County Circuit Court, a jury returned a verdict of $3,500,000 for my client. Mr. Black was on his motorcycle and sustained a severe head injury when he struck the rear of the vehicle ahead of him. However, the chain reaction was triggered by a texting driver in the traffic ahead. The texting driver drove off and her identity was unknown. Suit was filed against Mr. Black’s uninsured motorist insurer. Eyewitnesses testified concerning the actions of the unidentified Jane Doe driver. The jury found Jane Doe 75% at fault for the wreck, while allocating 25% fault to Mr. Black. His damages will be reduced to $2,625,000 under Tennessee’s comparative fault rules.


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