5 Quick Ways to Help your Heart Today

I am obviously not a medical doctor. I was reading a publication by Memorial Health Care System called “Inspire.” Inside the magazine is a short story on “5 Quick Ways to Help Your Heart Today.” According to the article, new research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicates that the average middle aged adult has about a one in three chance of developing heart disease. The article recommends the following simple steps to help delay or prevent heart problems:
1. Stop sipping sugar: Regular soda is a major culprit.
2. Eat Legumes: Chickpeas, pintos, and lentils are good for you!
3. Eat Fish 2-4 times per week; especially fish like Salmon. Personally, I always avoid farm raised salmon, and demand wild Alaskan Salmon.
4. Don’t sit around all day: “Being sedentary most of the day more than doubles your risk of heart attacks and diabetes and increases your risk for cardiovascular death by 90% – even if you exercise.”
5. Snack on Nuts: Almonds are a personal favorite, but be careful on your portions.


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