Denial and Allowance Rates

A Statement by the Deputy Commissioner of ODAR to the House of Representatives on November 19, 2013, contains some interesting comments with regard to denial and allowance rates by administrative law judges.  The Statement provides, “we have no targets or goals regarding these rates.”  However, the Deputy Commissioner goes on to state that an ALJ with a “very high or very low allowance rate may raise a quality red flag.”  Although the Deputy Commissioner states there are no targets or goals, it is obvious from the Statement that Judges who deny a certain percentage or approve a certain percentage raise a “red flag.”  Apparently, a “high” approval rate is 85% or above, while a “low” approval rate is 20% or less.  The Statement outlines and explains why ALJs are expected to decide 500-700 cases per year, with a limit of 840 per year.  The Statement is worthy of careful consideration by anyone representing disabled individuals.


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